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These are the best communities to retire in if you love pickleball.

Retirement is the best time to explore your favorite hobby or sport. With more retirees wanting to stay active throughout their Golden Years, more 55+ communities are adding sports courts to their list of amenities.

One of those popular amenities is pickleball, which is all the rage at many retirement communities and has become one of the fastest growing sports in America. Pickleball was invented about 50 years ago and has swept the Baby Boomer generation because it’s fun, quick to learn, and easy on the body.

Unlike tennis, pickleball is less strenuous due to its smaller court and lighter paddles, making it easy and accessible for more retirees to hit the court and enjoy this low impact sport. 

Active adult communities have also taken notice of this growing trend and have added more courts as well as converted existing tennis courts for pickleball use. So if you’re ready to play, then grab your paddle and check out some of the best communities for pickleball enthusiasts.